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Palilco Bee Cosmetics is a South Australian company founded in 2016 by Rebecca Brock. Committed to providing natural cosmetics and skin treatments to enhance the features of women and allow them to feel beautiful 100% of the time, Palilco want to provide a luxurious skin treatment experience to allow women to be themselves and feel good all day, every day.

Honey and beeswax is extracted from our own Apiary, meaning the quality is controlled and regulated from headquarters, as if you have your own personal cosmetologist and stylist. Beauty on the inside is just as important as beauty on the outside and Palilco products give nourishment to your body, without the harshness of chemicals, so your skin remains fresh, natural and as beautiful as you.

Using only natural ingredients sourced locally, Palilco is dedicated to ensuring their products are

  • Natural: Protecting skin from the elements
  • Inspiring: Giving women a genuine glow all through the day.
  • Enriching: To give you the strength to be yourself, naturally.
  • Hand Crafted: Made from beeswax, natural oils and honey, Palilco treatments are organic, nourishing and beautifying.

Founder and Director, Rebecca Brock’s mission is to provide natural, superior products to empower women. Bare beauty is better, and by using Palilco pure luxury products, your natural beauty is enriched...


$39.95 each

Gentle Face Cleanser

$15.95 each

Lip Balm

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$54.95 each

Balancing Day Cream

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$39.95 each

Hydrating Mist

$49.95 each

Clarifying Cleanser Gel

$49.95 each

Purifying Cream Cleanser