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“Hi Palilco girls!!
I Just want to take a moment to let you know how much I am enjoying the Palilco Cosmetics!
My skin feels so hydrated and fresh!! The Clarifying cleanser, Hydrating Mist & Day cream are currently among my favourites from the range.
Well done on such brilliant, naturally sourced products. X “
- Meaghan K.


“Absolutely LOVE your products!!” 
- Kerry Harper, This mother’s Real.


"Thankyou so much for allowing me to try the Palilco Skincare products. I’m really happy with my skin tone.
It appears more even and my pores have been minimised which I’m so happy about as I've tried everything to minimise my pores without success, up until now.
I feel like my combination skin is not as bad as it was 6 weeks ago and my skin feels so soft! I will continue to use these products and will be telling all of my friends about them as well.
These products are amazing! Thankyou"
- Paris C.


“I first came across Palilco Bee Cosmetics just over 18 months ago. In that time, I have noticed a visible reduction in my sensitive skin and my complexion appears smoother and shows healthier glow. When my psoriasis is active, I applied the Palilco hand cream and balm to my skin and there was relief of irritation, once the cream and balms applied directly to the inflamed spots there is minimal to no major rash breaking out once maintained regularly. I would recommend these products to anyone with sensitive skin or environmentally conscious for a complete skin care package. Knowing the products are organic and locally sourced and is completely free of any harsh chemicals. Its peace of mind to know it’s safe enough to use on all my family. I have found the team at Palilco are highly ethical and approachable Australian company to deal with both caring & professional manner in any matter of communication"
– Kathy B.


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Gentle Face Cleanser

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Lip Balm

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Balancing Day Cream

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Hydrating Mist

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Clarifying Cleanser Gel

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Purifying Cream Cleanser